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1, bearing technician
1, college or above, bearing industry work more than one year experience.
Job Responsibilities
1, to participate in the company's new product applications, research and development, put forward feasible solutions;
2, according to the progress of research and development to complete the preparation of technical documents and drawings design work, timely recording of various work elements, the preparation of complete product documentation;
3, the implementation of new product development project schedule, to ensure that the task is completed;
4, the progress of the project and quality inspection, timely proposals to adjust to ensure that the project on time, durability is completed;
5, tracking record trial production tasks, collaborative acceptance group, delivered to the production department to ensure that new products manufactured pass;
6, summarize the problems encountered in the R & D process, form a management mechanism to ensure that the problem is resolved and avoid recurrence;
7, the company's production technology and data management, production departments to provide technical support;
8, workshop job soc to develop and amend, and organize the archive, to guide the production sector;
9, to participate in equipment, technology, product technology innovation and innovation, in order to achieve lower consumption, increase revenue, improve the working environment for use;
10, the implementation of the company's technology, equipment, technology, product information collation and custody to ensure that the data integrity, norms and safety.

2, sales manager
Job Responsibilities
1, Responsible for the maintenance of the company's customers, establish a good relationship with customers, publicize and safeguard the company's image;
2, work together to complete the sales plan and tasks;
3, domestic and international industry market research, collection, analysis, and provide reports to department heads;
4, establish / improve new and old customer information and customer files / new customer development process, the customer data for statistical analysis. Develop potential new customers
5, complete the pre-sale, centralized, after-sales service, regular visits to customers, timely feedback customer information, providing excellent customer service;
6, college degree or above, mechanical or marketing major, CET-4 or above, CET-6 or Japanese-speaking, Korean is preferred;
7, love sales, quick thinking, has a good eloquence and market development experience;
8, strong communication, coordination and teamwork skills;
9, with good professional ethics, pragmatic, hard working;
10, to the bearing / auto parts industry or mechanical parts sales staff to provide learning and training opportunities;
11, with bearing / auto parts industry or machinery parts industry sales experience, give priority.
1, college degree or above, marketing and other related major;
2, more than 5 years experience in automobile bearing business sales;
3, with rich customer resources and customer relationships, outstanding performance;
4, with strong market analysis, marketing, marketing capabilities and good interpersonal communication, coordination skills, ability to analyze and solve problems;
5, a strong sense of dedication, with leadership, co-ordination ability.

3, English translation (biased sales)
Job Responsibilities
1, responsible for the company's technology, sales of English translation;
2, Responsible for communication with foreign customers on the spot or email technology, sales affairs;
3, to assist the leadership involved in customer development, sales department daily affairs.
1, full-time undergraduate or higher education, foreign languages, management-related majors, with professional certificate of English 8 or IELTS 7.0 +;
2, fluent oral English, excellent presentation skills;
2, Chinese writing skills deep, good at writing documents;
3, work carefully, quick thinking, strong sense of responsibility.

4, statisticians
Job Responsibilities
1, prepare and report statistics table;
2, do a good job in the confidentiality of statistical information and archiving and product cataloging work;
3, with the statistical index system, improve and improve the statistical methods;
4, coordinate the management of statistical information system, maintain and update the statistical data platform;
5, strong sense of responsibility, meticulous and careful work.
1, college education;
2, skilled use of office automation software;
3, serious and responsible work, good team spirit;
4, accounting qualification certificate and logistics industry work experience is preferred.

5, warehouse manager
Work content
1, the warehouse out of storage procedures, so that accounts, things, a single consistent, can master the logistics into, out, sales, storage of standardized operating procedures and accounts processing;
2, the safety of the warehouse inventory management and inventory status feedback, responsible for the day-to-day finishing warehouse products, placed out of storage work;
3, warehouse inventory phase work;
4, do a good job with the purchase of inventory safety products inventory, warehousing is responsible for the arrival of follow-up and warehousing inspection work;
5, warehouse site 5s management and identification.
job requirements
1, can master ERP software
2, Familiar with warehousing management knowledge, strong learning ability and understanding of communication skills;
3, proficient use of office software, can effectively inventory, purchase, shipping to make standardized management;
4, strong sense of responsibility, serious and responsible work.

6, senior financial manager
Job Responsibilities
1, middle management positions, responsible for the main objectives and plans within its functional areas;
2, formulate, participate in or assist the implementation of the relevant policies and systems;
3, Responsible for the daily management of the department and the management, guidance, training and evaluation of the department staff;
4, To guide and coordinate the work of financial audit, auditing and accounting and supervise its implementation;
5, formulate, maintain and improve the company's financial management procedures and policies, develop annual and quarterly financial plans;
6, To provide the company management with the financial reports and the necessary financial analysis;
7, responsible for organizing the company's cost management;
8, the cost of forecasting, control, accounting, analysis and assessment, to ensure the completion of the company's profit targets.
1, Bachelor degree or above in finance, accounting, finance, economics, management, etc., preferred CPA qualification;
2, more than five years of financial management or more than three years of work experience in the same management positions;
3, Familiar with the national financial policies, corporate financial system and processes, computerized accounting, proficient in relevant tax laws and regulations;
4, strong cost management, risk control and financial analysis capabilities;
5, good organization, coordination, communication skills, and team spirit, can withstand greater work pressure.

7, production and reserve cadres
Job Responsibilities
1, Responsible for daily management, subordinate staff management, guidance and training;
2, responsible for organizing the formulation, inspection, supervision, control and enforcement of management systems such as production, safety inspection, environmental protection and production;
3, responsible for the implementation of product progress, production methods and processes;
4, in collaboration with other departments, in a certain amount, quality and cost requirements to improve production efficiency;
5, to understand the mechanic priority.
1, mechanical professional college or above culture;
2, more than two years bearing industry or more than three years of work experience in the same management positions.
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