Needle bearing removal method

First, the percussion force Actually added to the bearing inner ring, the shield room knocking force should not be added to the rolling elements and cage, this method is simple, but easy to damage the bearings, when the bearing is located at the end of the shaft , With less than the inner diameter of the bearing copper rod or other soft metal material against the shaft end, the lower bearing padding, with a hammer gently tap, you can remove. Application of this method should pay attention to the location of the pad to be appropriate, the focus should be correct.
Second, the thermal split method for the removal of tight fit bearings. First oil heated to about 100 ℃ pouring oil on the bearings to be dismantled until the bearing ring is heated to expand, you can pull the bearings pulled out.
Third, the push method Push the bearing press, work stable and reliable, does not damage the machine and bearing shield room. Presses are manually pushed, mechanical or hydraulic presses to push.
Note: Pressing focus should be in the center of the shaft, not pressure off.
Fourth, pull out the law to use special pullers, demolition, as long as the rotation handle, the bearings will be slowly pulled out. Remove the bearing outer ring, pull the two legs should be open to the outside corners; remove the bearing inner ring, pull the two legs should be inward, stuck in the bearing inner ring end.


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