The latest flat bearing installation principle analysis

According to a well-known bearing company interviewed by a media newspaper reporter revealed that the current competition in the production of bearings is very intense, can be described as the history of the largest bearing the advent of production. Because of its bearing in the mechanical industry among the important task of carrying axial load is one of the important role of mechanical parts in a wide range of industrial applications is obvious. So, master the principle of plane bearing installation is very necessary.
Many people think that is not a simple bearing only, the installation operation is still quite simple, it is not. For example, if the tight ring or loose ring is not fixed in the correct position, resulting in bearing loss of force, then the journal will be damaged, the transmission function of the bearings will be greatly compromised and its operation. For another example, if there is a mistake in the installation process, it will also bring great troubles to the maintenance work of plane bearings in the future, causing the maintenance personnel to make erroneous judgments.